ANGULAR in less than 128 words – TypeScript – Part 4

This article follows on from the first three on the subject ANGULAR and deals with the TypeScript language:

Concept of "assertion type"

Type assertion is a way to tell the TypeScript compiler what type of variable is. Type assertion is similar to type conversion in other languages, but in TypeScript, it's just a compilation function.

let testComplete: any - "Test Assertion type";
let test -<string>(complete test). substring (0.4);</string>

Other ratings:

and full test: any - "Test Assertion type";
let test - (testComplete as string).substring (0.4);

Arrow Function:

The use of function arrow removes the need to use the keyword "function." The settings are switched between brackets <> and the function expression is placed in brackets.

let addition - (a: number, b: number): number
            return a b;
addition (1, 2);

In line annotation:

In TypeScript, online type annotations allow you to declare an object for each of the object's properties.

Other use:

let addition - (pairDeNombre - numberA: number,numberB: number' number: number
            return a b;


Interfaces allow you to name these types and are a powerful way to define contracts in your code as well as contracts with code outside of your project.

Point interface
  x: number,
  y: number

Link to TypeScript documentation:

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