Python implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm

This article follows the following article on Dijkstra's algorithm:

Here's the Python implementation of the algorithm

from collections import deque

def dijkstra (graph, vertex):
    tail - deque([vertex])
    distance ' vertex: 0'
    while tail:
        t - tail.popleft()
        print ("We're visiting the summit" - str(t))
        for neighbor in grap[t]h:
                tail.append (neighbour)
                nouvelle_distance - distance[t] - graph[t][voisin]
                if (neighbour not in distance or nouvelle_distance< distance):></ distance[voisin]):>
                    distance[voisin] to nouvelle_distance
                    print ("Update the summit" - str (neighbour) - " with distance: " - str(nouvelle_distance))
    return distance

graph ajacence #Liste
graph ' 'A':'B':15,'C':4','B':'E':5','C':':'E':11,'D':2','D':'E':3','E':
distance - dijkstra (graph,'A')
print ("Distances" - str (distance))

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