Glossary on graphs in just over 128 words

source wikipedia: Unoriented graph

Graph: A set of interconnected dots

Summits (vertices, a vertex): The dots of a graph are called adjacent s
ummitsSommets (adjacent vertices): Two peaks are adjacent if they are connected to each o
ther, Edge: The link between two peaks is called an edge if the relationship between two summit is not oriented (no notion of precedence, or order in which one visits the two summits).

source wikipedia: oriented graph

Arc (arc): The oriented link between two summits (it is an arrow that indicates the meaning of the oriented relationship, there is a notion of execution order
and constraint to visit the two peaks)The degree of a vertex: Number of
edges that are start from a summit. Order of a graph: The n
umber of tops in a graph. Related graph :: A graph is related if all the tops are connected b
y any chain. Eulerian path: A chain that takes all the edges once from the graph.

Adjacent Matrix: The adjacence matrix of a graph is a matrix whose lines and columns are both indexed by the tops of the graph, with a 1 in the cell for row i and column j when the tops i and j are adjacent , and a 0 if not.

source wikipedia: adjacence matrix