Filius server, switch, TCP in less than 128 words

I install the “command line” on the A computer and launch the ipconfig command to check the IP address of the post, the subnetwork mask and the physical address (MAC address).

View exchanged data: ICMP packages correspond to a “ping” query executed via the command line. To learn more about the ICMP protocol:

Adding a server and switch: It is then possible to set up a post as a “generic client” and the server as a “generic server.” We establish a connection between the client and the server and then exchange a message.

The data exchanged is displayed and a TCP/IP connection is established.

If __name__ '__main__' in Python scripts in less than 128 words

When writing a Python module there is no hand method, for example the script

def players():
    print ("Go blues")

If we start the script "python" we get "Go blues" the function is started.

If I create a script that

stadium import

def equipe():
    print ("Equipe")

You get by starting "python" python 
Go blues

Here we consider that the players function of the stadium module is started.

To avoid this, we can change the script

def players():
    print ("Go blues")
If __name__ '__main__'