Which mobile oss has the most users worldwide ?

If you are looking which mobile oss has the most users worldwide. In this blog article we will try to answer to this question. It is android OS only, so, we may have to assume that this should be a « normal » OS.

What do you prefer to build apps with?

Some questions will be asked on this blog post, so to keep track, I am in the process of making a little post based on this list.

Which mobile oss has the most users worldwide ?

Let’s get to it. You will have to have any idea of ​​the mobile app you’re adding to.

Android OS

Our first choice is an Android OS by CyanogenMod. This is a very interesting OS that was made from a kernel that was not designed for OS development. It makes the android runtime more complicated than what we would expect. The most common issue we were having is making the phone unusable if the developer wanted a device that has a « regular » app launcher to the OS itself (like Android Open Source). This means that we need a whole lot more resources to get the OS to be usable. We do know that some apps that have a regular app launcher have problems on a low device. At first we created one of the apps, but later we would have to change an Android App Launcher icon to not have an icon or to hide it.

As you can see, it works on every version of Android OS. If you have any questions or suggestions and share your thoughts

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