Discord taille des données

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What is a data?

As a data structure you define a table representing a dataset, named a datatype (which is used by the user); it is initialized by accessing the table on each dataset for (i) the number of rows in the table and (ii) the number of columns in the table. Data types can range from int, to char, or from string.

(The format for declaring a data type with a data structure is as follows:

data Int; data String; data Object; The data structure is used to represent the values ​​of data as you would when passing parameters in the format Int or String, using the Data.

Data Type A Data String is often used as a type to represent data that is known (or not) as String. For instance, a table of values ​​represents the result values ​​of the previous entry of a datatype by assigning them in the data structure to the values ​​in Int, Str, or Object. This type is usually used to represent raw data like names or information for values ​​in files like a document.

Discord taille des données

The following table provides a simple example of declaring a data structure in SQL:

(The SQL specification for Table is written with the ‘–name’ option. If set, a name for the data is provided. If null, the table should contain only the names contained by the name set). data String {type String; } – The data structure shall be used.

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