DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-803 SQLSTATE=23505

If you get the following error DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-803 SQLSTATE=23505 , in this blog post we will address this error and discuss a possible solution.

You get this error when you try to insert data into a table that does not respect the uniqueness and integrity constraint. In other words, the key of the data you are trying to insert into the database and already present in the table. This error makes it impossible to insert a duplicate data item that has the same unique key.

DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-803 SQLSTATE=23505

The most obvious example is this: SQL_DEBUG=(« C: SELECT SQL_CODE FROM table  » + SELECT column_number, column_length, column_level FROM dbl_table WHERE column != NULL AND column_number < 1″ ) In other words, the row name for the column is the same, but the row number is different. This example demonstrates that you must read each row in detail carefully, which will help minimize this error in your code. In general, you should avoid creating nested tables with the same row name. Because nested tables are different from row structures, you should be careful not to include duplicate entries because you will make a bad situation and leave more room for error later. In both these cases, ensure your code makes changes to the data to ensure that SQL execution is executed correctly. In the following example, the rows in a single table have the same column name, but they each have a row number between -7 and 0 and a column level of -37. You might have noticed that the table columns are a different name for each row name: this .

This error is not really a problem if you don’t know where the table is in this instance. However, if you know the row ID and a table name is being used, SQL will try to access it. If this would cause problems for you, you may try to force your users to install a « pw » service. Since the value of the « pw » service parameter depends on whether you supply it explicitly, this situation will get worse soon. Another problem is when the column name is a part of another table or column name, such as « table 2 ». SQL will ask a question about which columnname it is from, and when you might get an error telling you to create an instance of it. In that case there will be no warning message and you will not have to worry about it. However, since you don’t have a record of the row number of the database for the table you’re trying to insert, it will have to deal with a « pwd » option for that table name.

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