what is an independent variable ? a scientist conducted an experiment to determine how the amount of salt in a body of water affects the number of plants that can live in the water. in this experiment the independent variable is

What is an independent variable ? An independent variable in a problem is a parameter of the problem that varies without being influenced by the other parameters of the problem.


In this section, the problem is considered to be one in which the parameters of the problem are the same for all the relevant variables. In other words, problems that consist of two, three questions are considered to be distinct (that are not dependent on each other or have conflicting questions). The question that consists of three questions is the most common type of problem. The question is the only variable that differs by itself in a logical manner. When two independent variables are called together (for example, questions of the form ‘You’ve got that one question, then it must not be a problem’), then the type of question will be considered as an independent variable that depends on other independent variables that also exist in the problem.

What is an independent variable ?

This section is intended for the beginner. It is not intended as a complete beginner’s guide to the problem, so that you should try it at least once. Some of the problems in the problem may seem to be quite boring or at least to have little relevance to modern day problem solving. However, it is quite important that you have enough knowledge, as this article will guide you through this area of ​​the problem.

In general, we want to teach us when problems differ with each other that in many cases we can say that, in the ordinary course, those two (different) independent variables have different answers. In this section.

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