What can people create with fetch.ai ?

In this article we will answer to What can people create with fetch.ai ? A lot of people are looking about this question …

People can do with fetch.ai ==> Software agents that automate tasks.

What is blockchain and bitcoin ?

Bitcoin, a private digital currency, is decentralised with cryptography – where a private key is stored in a database and the public key issued to it is kept in a blockchain called a block. This means that all of the currency you issue to users (your wallet, for example) is stored in one computer network where every transaction is recorded and sent through that computer network. This decentralised currency is called the block chain.

What can people create with fetch.ai ?

The block chain is the central state of the system in the form of a record. Record of all transactions and records of any changes that have been made on it. By the way, when people use bitcoin as a payment method. It is a direct link to a block chain so it can move funds freely across international.

Idea behind blockchain

The idea behind Bitcoin is for a private cryptocurrency. To be used for buying goods and services and not for transactions that could otherwise be done through public exchange.

So the idea of blockchain is to form a distributed ledger of digital money that is in sync with the physical body of private money in the society at large. So we say blockchain isn.

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