Who runs the Polygon network ?

Many people wonder Who runs the Polygon network? Let’s see in this blog article how polygon works and what are the technical characteristics of its network.

Polygon Validators runs the Polygon network

A validator is the backbone of any network, and its health is a sign of the robustness of the network.

Decentralized transactions are one such validator, and the network operates as a decentralized exchange.

Who runs the Polygon network ?

An basic statement from bitcoin

In fact, blockchain is a record of the existence of a currency or other form of payment. To receive goods and services, an owner of the property will have to pay a fee on the contract of supply. A system of payments can involve the use of an algorithm called the “proof of work”. The algorithm allows users to buy goods as they see fit, but users can only pay with cash. As people become more familiar with the value of their purchases, they will understand that they should pay this fee in order to make more money.

Who runs the Polygon network ?

It hasn’t always been clear to the people who were using the system how it was meant to work. In fact, bitcoin itself is a blockchain, an entity that keeps track of all known transactions to identify a single wallet address. Since a system of exchanges is a global network of computers, people using the system often refer to it as the Internet. With cryptocurrency, however, there are many problems associated with using a public ledger that includes a fee.

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