What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale?

Many people wonder What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale ? In this blog article we will give some answers and understand in more detail how polygon matic works.

Ethereum. Polygon helps to scale ethereum blockchain

Polygon is a protocol and framework used to create and connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregate scalable solutions on Ethereum to support the multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

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What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale?

It is a blockchain where people can trade cryptocurrencies and assets using the blockchain network.

What about ethereum and decentralized protocol ?

All users participate in a decentralized distributed proof of stake system based on the Ethereum protocol and the Ethereum blockchain itself.

This system consists of multiple blocks, each requiring a shared set of inputs and actions in addition to any private transactions in the chain.

The nodes responsible for verifying and signing a block of the blockchain are independent, and are paid off by an equal amount of people from the community.

As a result, if a block has a lot of conflicting data (it may be different for each block), it needs to be recorded. If blocks have multiple inputs and values (e.g., the inputs of a particular input and a value of a specific value), then the system will try and find and update the values on the data.

What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale?

The chain of users and users of distributed proof of stake network is highly distributed and the number and quantity of valid transactions need to be continually monitored.

This is why multiple nodes all operate on the same data (this data makes it possible of valid transactions to both confirm and reject) and not to change the state of a distributed proof of stake system (the more blocks the more it costs for each node, because of its unique ownership of the information).

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