What information is indexed by the graph ?

A lot of person asks what information is indexed by the graph. I will try to answer here some information about the graph.

The blockchain information is indexed by the graph

What information is indexed by the graph ?

The graph is indexed by the user. The index value is stored in the “hash” section. The user must update the value in an update.info file if, for example, the value of that data is changed. Since this is done to have access to updated data, this information is only needed at the site that runs the program. Each user can see only the value that was changed in their update.info file. There is no way to make this information accessible to your users. Because these changes are not accessible to the “users” that run the program, it is generally not possible to search the web using that information. If you try to access the data through a program that is not run by the user but that is run by the database administrator, you will see an error, which is a failure message. You will have to restore your database to its “previously updated” state to see the result. The database administrators will keep the information updated through the program so that they can access it and save the changes to the database. Once the changes are being restored, the program will log out of your data and you can read the contents of the data. The SQL Server databases can also be accessed in the data, so those changes may be stored offline for as long as you want them to.

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