which color of light has the longest wavelength

If you are looking which color of light has the longest wavelength of the light source you could be missing out on, I suggest you try a couple different colors and see which one looks best for you.

In fact the Answer is RED because the wavelength is about 665 nm

For me, the blue is my absolute favorite because in my experience, light is so much more easily absorbed in the first 1/3 of the light bulb in my house. My second favorite color, though, is the red. What I like about the red color is that it reminds me of natural light that doesn’t go too deep into the air. The reason for that is that the red spectrum makes it easier to see how the air is moving through the light source, and the blue absorbs the light more efficiently. The red spectrum brings out the most infrared light into the room (or a light source) when it travels through the water like a wave, making it nearly invisible to most people. In fact, it is so cool to see the light coming back into the room that I can say that I can hear my own voice telling it to go back up.

And in order to understand how to identify red light we need to first identify what wavelength a light is. We need to know the wavelength that is red and then we need to determine that wavelength.

This is the wavelength you see when you look at the top of a glass plate at the bottom of the car. This doesn’t mean that blue and green are two equally bright colors, but rather they are the same as the color that it is your car is. To determine where to see blue or green you must look at the ground. If you take a car like a car you will see that most of the light entering on your car turns brown so even if you were to go to the top of the car to see it was actually blue to you. If we look at an object like a car it will turn red instead of green, this helps us to find blue light in the car. Since the car is moving so constantly, it can sense changes in blue light due to the moving car. Because the objects they use blue light for a very short period, the color becomes green instead of blue. If you are looking at the ground of a car you will notice that it is blue or green based on its motion.

which color of light has the longest wavelength

So if we have a red light there is a wavelength of 665 nm that is the longest wavelength, let’s say an orange light is about 585 nm which is just an amazing fact. After all when we have the longest wavelengths we know we have a red light. But the question we have left to ask is how does a light have the longest wavelength?

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