How does the amount of energy of light related with frequency ?

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If you are looking how does the amount of energy of light related with frequency, or the amount of energy per second of light? It is probably a good question, and firs to know, the amount of energy is proportional to the electromagnetic frequency of the photon, and therefore inversely proportional to the wavelength.


In short, The higher the frequency of a photon, the higher its energy, it means the longer the wavelength of the photon, the lower its energy.

We could say so;

E = h . f

E is the photon energy and f is the frequency.

This is the Planck-Einstein relation, and it’s a simple mathematical unit, which has to do with how fast things are moving.

How does the amount of energy of light related with frequency ?

Several spectral quantities can be used to characterize light, such as frequency, wavelength, wave number …

Plank constant :

In physics, the Planck constant denoted as h is a constant used to describe the size of a quantum. It plays a central role in quantum mechanics and is named after the physicist Max Planck. The energy unit of Planck’s constant is multiplied by time. These units can be written as a length (kg·m·s-1) in the form of momentum, which is the same unit as angular momentum.

How does the amount of energy of light related with frequency ?

But it is important to be cognizant of the fact that momentum is not merely the sum of the forces of the two forces: it also takes up a very large quantity of force (or momentum). The following diagram depicts this state of knowledge.

There are two fundamental forces that drive Newtonian mechanics, the conservation of momentum and the quantum field principle of conservation of momentum . The first force drives Newtonian physics into a state of instability and instability has produced a massive acceleration in the velocity of light. It causes this to cancel out the laws of nature.

How does the amount of energy of light related with frequency ?

The other force drives Newtonian physics into a state where the forces of gravity are weak and the speed of light is unstable. Because the force must be conserved, and it must necessarily be conserved, we can calculate the size and number of forces in a quantum. For any value that is greater than a certain size, it is considered as a given mass equal to (1 – 2 * 2 – H ), a number of constants

Photon in short :

Photon is a kind of elementary particle. It is the quantum of the electromagnetic field, including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier of electromagnetic force. In particle physics, photons are the basic mediator particles of electromagnetic interaction. In other words, when two charged particles interact, this interaction transforms from a quantum perspective to photon exchange. In the current concept of light, electromagnetic waves from radio waves to gamma rays to visible light are all composed of photons.

How does the amount of energy of light related with frequency ?

In a way, the photon exchange is in fact more efficient at getting the fundamental electromagnetic waves into the electromagnetic field. Furthermore, with the current concept of electromagnetic radiation, where the basic electric field has to be present, the basic field can only be exchanged for the new-energy photons of the light with the photons of the gamma rays. Since photons are not “particles” of the electromagnetic field, when they are exchanged for visible photons, they only have the photon energy. The general equilibrium between that photon energy and the weak photon energy is termed the energy spectrum. It comprises of two fundamental frequencies, one of which is a constant.

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