What is phpmyadmin and the path localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php ? I’ve got my admin in phpmyadmin and it’s like: add admin and password to /etc/pki


If you look at the PHP_admin file, you’ll notice that phpmyadmin sets both phpmyadmin.conf and phpmyadmin_secret . I tried to install phpmyadmin but phpmyadmin is locked so I didn’t have to do that.

Now you can add more admin names to your website, either « admin » or « secret. » If you’re really into user management you’ll find that if you open a local file in your browser you’ll see an external name, either PHP/admin or PHP/secret/etc.

If you change your password and create an account on the domain without changing them you will be automatically redirected back to PHP/Admin


Now I think it’d be interesting to give you some tips on what could be done to use phpmyadmin in order to quickly get a clean shell shell. For now, get my book on how to create shell scripts in PHP so it might be worth keeping updated on the progress in this field.

A little bit of thought needed here.

What is phpmyadmin ? As we might have known, the phpuser interface to phpmyadmin is based on the original wkcli command with no support for it whatsoever. So no real user management, no user management. With that said, if we want a new user, we have to define user, and change everything from there on. That’s it. What’s new with wkcli is that we don’t have to change anything. We have to simply add user and handle new user.


WKCONFIG WKconfig 1 WKconfig 2 Wkconfig 3 Wkconfig 4 Wkconfig 5 Wkconfig 6 Wkconfig 7 Wkconfig 8 Wkconfig 9 Wkconfig 10 Wkconfig 11 Wkconfig 12 Wkconfig 13 Wkconfig 14 Wkconfig 15 Wkconfig 16 Wkconfig 17 Wkconfig 18 Wkconfig 19 Wkconfig 20 Wkconfig 21 Wkconfig 22 Wkconfig 23 Wkconfig 24 Wkconfig 25 Wkconfig 26 Wkconfig 27 Wkconfig 28 Wkconfig 29 Wkconfig 30 Wkconfig 31 Wkconfig 32 Wkconfig 33 Wkconfig 34 Wkconfig 35 Wkconfig 36 Wkconfig 37 Wkconfig 38 Wkconfig 39 Wkconfig 40 Wkconfig 41 Wkconfig 42 Wkconfig 43 Wkconfig 44 Wkconfig 45 Wkconfig 46 Wkconfig 47 Wkconfig 48

What is phpmyadmin ?

phpmyadmin is an IDE that provides web interface to help you understand phpadmin and manage your php files. It is easy to create scripts you wish to use phpmyadmin.php. This page shows how you can setup phpmyadmin to create a PHP object.

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