Python Basics in Less Than 128 Words

In python everything is object. An object is a piece of code that is characterized by:

  • Data
  • Methods: These are mechanisms for manipulating data

Creating the object

A character chain object is created in the space of objects via the character 'or '.

Method calls are made via a point:


A variable name allows you to store a reference to the object:

counter 1

The variable called object 1 reference counter

In python the variable name contains letters and numbers but cannot start with a number. A good practice is to give a good variable name.


ma_variable 5


ma_variable - 'HELLO'

Python is strong typing language, the type is related to the object and not to the variable.

del ma_variable

The del control removes the variable from the space of the variables. If the object no longer has a reference, a mechanism for the release of memory is activated: the garbage collector.